The Tonquin Valley Trail

Photo Credit: Katmandu

Tonquin Valley Trail 3, 4 and 5 day tours

Custom dates may be available

  • $649  + 5% GST/person three day tour

  • $799 +5%GST/person four day tour

  • $995 +5%GST/person five day tour

 All prices include permits, food, your guide, transportation between Jasper and the trailhead and group camping equipment.  

Personal gear such as backpacks, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads cost an additional $5/day/item.

**We will go with just one person, but if no one else books we charge an additional $100/day
*Price does not include National Parks Pass that you must purchase when entering Canada's National Parks

The Tonquin Valley Trail is a loop trail, filled with spectacular views  that have no match and never repeat.    One of the most scenic trails in Jasper, and some may even say the world!

This trail can be challenging, with mud and mosquitoes, but the reward of watching a sunset over the Rampart Mountains is well worth it!

We generally schedule trips to the Tonquin after the beginning of August to give the mosquitoes a chance to die down, and the trails to dry out, but if you are up for a challenge we will go in July as well.

If you are extremely lucky you may even see the endangered Woodland Caribou grazing in the meadows.  On the final day we will make our way across the beautiful Maccarib Pass.  The Hike finishes on Marmot Basin Road, where our shuttle will be meeting us to go back to town.

This tour has a variety of route options that we change depending on conditions and availabilities. Whatever route we take involves beautiful views of the stunning Ramparts and a crossing of McCarrib Pass.

If you like a real backcountry experience, stunning scenery and the chance to see wildlife choose this adventure!

Three Day Tour

46km/28miles the classic route of the Tonquin Valley Trail

Four Day tour

46km/28miles +

With this tour we often stay two nights at the same campsite allowing us to do a base camp hike. We sometimes make short moves each day if the sites for a base camp aren’t available.

Five Day tour

46km/28miles +

This tour allows us to experience the entire Tonquin Valley that we have access to as hiking outfitters. We will stay at base camps for one or two nights and explore side trails and the rest of the area.

All guests must sign a waiver before joining us click here to see a copy of our waiver