Gear List for Multi-Day Hikes

Mandatory Personal Gear List

(Guest will need to have these items with them the night before the trip to show the guide)

  • Wool and/or Synthetic Socks

  • Base Layer Top and bottom – Synthetic wool or Silk –for cold days

  • Mid-Insulation Layer Top – Pile(Fleece), light synthetic fill or wool sweater/jacket

  • Hiking Pants – Synthetic multipurpose pants

  • Weather Layer Top – Gore-Tex or other waterproof breathable material

  • Weather Layer Pants – Gore-Tex or other waterproof breathable pants

  • Warm Outer Jacket – Down or Synthetic for cold days

  • Toque – Wool or Synthetic Hat (ski cap)

  • Brimmed Cap or Sun Hat

  • Light Gloves

  • Personal Medicinal Drugs/prescription drugs – pain, cold/flu, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory etc.

  • Headlamp or Flashlight – spare batteries

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun and Lip Cream

  • Water Bottles/camel pack 2 liter min.

  • Blister kit

  • Hiking Boots – Must give good ankle support and have previously been worn to assure comfort.

Recommended Gear

(we recommend you have the following gear, but it is not mandatory for the hike)

  • Light Wind Shell – Windproof, water resistant layer for high aerobic activity

  • Gaiters – For wet weather and muddy trails

  • Shorts or convertible pants (For warm weather hiking)

  • Extra Clothing – Socks, underwear, top and bottom base layer

  • Wash kit – Soap, towel(face cloth size), brush, toothbrush, paste.

  • Insect Repellent – optional but worth it.

  • Ear plugs – optional

  • Reading Material – optional

  • Writing Material – optional

  • Camp Shoes – light sandals or crocs etc.

  • Camera – optional

  • Walking Stick or Ski Poles, recommended but optional

  • Mosquito hat

Personal Equipment available for rent

Rental gear is $5/item/day

  • Pack approx. 60 litre

  • Sleeping Bag and Liner

  • Sleeping Pad

Group Camping Equipment (Provided by us)

  • Tent or Shelter

  • Cup, bowl, eating utensils

  • Light Tarp for cooking shelter

  • Multi-purpose cord

  • Stove and repair kit

  • Pots

  • Fuel

  • Lighter and Matches

  • Cooking Utensils

  • Pot lifters

  • Water Filter

  • Cleaning Scrubby and Soap

  • Group food

  • Food Hanging Set up

  • General Repair Kit – To repair packs, tents, clothing, etc.

  • Saw or Axe if appropriate

  • Fire Starter

  • Altimeter

  • Map and Compass

  • First Aid Kit

  • Emergency Sac – Nylon tarp or envelop sac to cover group or injured member

  • Emergency Contact Equipment

* If you need to purchase any personal equipment and have any questions feel free to contact us via email or call us

*We have a meeting prior to the trip departure to ensure everyone has the right equipment and to help with gear packing