Getting Here

Photo Credit: Forrest Mankins @forrestmankins

Photo Credit: Forrest Mankins @forrestmankins

How do I get to Jasper?!

Part of the joy of Jasper is we are a bit tougher to get to than some of the busier areas like Banff and Lake Louise!

Just getting to Jasper National Park is a wonderful experience in itself. 

The Park is accessible  from Kamloops, Vancouver, Prince George, Calgary and Edmonton. 

The drive through Banff to Jasper National Park via The Icefield's Parkway is rated by National Geographic Magazine as one of the top ten most scenic drives in the world. 

One way car rentals are often a good option that is most affordable if you book online.

If taking VIA rail, plan accordingly, often the trains are late in Canada as the passenger trains share tracks with the Freight Trains who actually own the tracks

Shuttle services from Edmonton and Calgary are offered by

Sundog Shuttles

Brewster Shuttles