About Canadian Skyline Adventures

View from Bald Hills

Canadian Skyline Adventures started in 2013 by Co-Workers Sarah and Christian when they saw an opportunity in Jasper National Park to provide guided day hikes and multi-day backpacking tours.

We’ve started small and we’ve grown our business slowly and holistically keeping in line with our personal ethics and continuing our focus on offering outstanding personal experiences by connecting guests with the natural environment.

Company Ethics

Canadian Skyline Adventures' code of conduct is developed from our personal ethics. Being lovers of nature and the outdoors, we want to develop this same feeling in others. We believe that the best way to teach people to respect and appreciate nature is to help them participate in it. That is part of the motivation we have for starting this company. Nature is our teacher and that includes everything in it: the animals, plants, the water, even the rocks have stories to tell and things to teach us! We take people into the backcountry to learn about and enjoy nature, while respecting it. We believe we should enjoy the outdoors and wild spaces while creating little negative impact, and even improving the things that we can. We will pick up garbage, fix up the trail to avoid new trails from developing, stay in designated areas and encourage clients to stay on the trails. In our down time we sometimes participate in volunteer activities around the park such as bird banding, wildflower counts, and trail maintenance.

Working in the National Park requires us to have operating permits, keep to all trails and campsites, only have campfires in designated areas, and avoid sensitive wildlife areas. These rules that Parks Canada enforces helps ensure that the backcountry does not become over populated with people and any negative impact that results from human use is contained to trail areas. One of Parks Canada's mandates is to offer visitors natural experiences while preserving ecological integrity.

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Part of our code of ethics includes keeping our company small to ensure any one working with us will be properly trained and that we will be able to treat them well. Happy guides are good guides who offer the best services to guests. Our company has a holistic approach to business, with goals that extend beyond simple financial gain. With this in mind we are able to show our guests a deep appreciation of nature while giving them a wonderful trip experience.

Canadian Skyline Adventures also extends the owners ideals regarding food into our menu planning. We like to eat healthy, local, organic food whenever possible, and we make much of the food we serve from scratch often using produce grown right from our community garden plot!!

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