An Authentic Canadian Rocky Mountain Experience

Springtime in review

Good day everyone


We are back on the grid after our spring break and have some news to share.  Our off season adventures took us down to Denver Colorado where we visited with some of the best friends people could have.  Chris tried flying in the wind tunnel, then it was off across the states to Utah to do a canoe trip on the Green River through the incredible canyon land.  I can see why people love the dessert so much after spending some time there and Edward Abbey was often in my thoughts as were some of his writings as we made our way through the twisted canyons.


We headed back to Alberta for about 2 weeks where I went to Canmore to enjoy the company of my friend Bree.  We did a bit of hiking in the Grotto and enjoyed some delicious food and general good times.  I made my way back to Jasper where I got caught up on our business stuff while Chris spent time volunteering.  The day after he returned we made our way to Vancouver to spend some time with his sister and brother in law and their children.

After a ocuple of days there it was time to move again and we went to Vancouver Island to backpack the Juan De Fuca Trail.  It was incredibly beautiful and it was good to spend some time near the ocean.  We made our way back to Vancouver after getting a ride from the locally reknowned “River Mouth Mike”  who dropped us off in Victoria.


At the end of this adventure we spent almost three weeks in Merritt at a Vipassana meditation centre before we made our way back to Jasper.  I had one day home before I started my ACMG guides exam.  This is an intense and technical 9 day course.  I really enjoyed it but I am happy that it is over

An Authentic Canadian Rocky Mountain Experience

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